The Afterfade - Cologne 1.7oz

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...aside from being a pilot, a doctor , an archaeologist, an astronaut, a famous puppeteer and a hand model (all listed previously are a lie) I’m also an amazing hairstylist (this last one is absolutely true)...

For The Grey Nose project or Grey Matter Parfums (you choose, they’re both the same) an idea was floating for the creation of a Cologne, It had to be fresh and easy to wear but also not harsh on the skin...and so The Afterfade was born. 

perfect for wearing after a haircut and a shave or for playing Minecraft ...or for whatever you want... who am I to tell you how to wear it ?


Fragrance Profile:

rose water - distilled water - witch hazel - neroli - lemon - bergamot - rosemary - soft wood - orange blossom - sodium PCA - leaf juice - kosher grain alcohol