(a slow rush) Parfum extract 1.7oz

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And just like the first time when you feel rush edging closer, when you feel that aura of pleasure and maturity peeking through the window, while the outside world moves faster and faster. No time to stop.

Lets bring back the nostalgia of the tonsorial arts, leather & whiskey... citrus & wood ! 

A few years back we created (a bad idea)... (a slow rush) is a more masculine interpretation filled with testosterone and memories.

Smells amazing at the moment and even better the morning after in bed, I would say that it smells better on her skin after you passed it on.

Fragrance profile:

lavender - nutmeg - leather - sandalwood - cedarwood - patchouli - tonka bean - whiskey - clove - violet -jasmin - petitgrain - vetiver - bergamot - musk - old barbershop