-Vellum- Parfum Extract 1oz

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Luxury in a bottle.

Breezy, sunny, warm... Swirling waves on your face, of salt and sand on skin. Ideas from encounters by the beach on a tropical paradise... It's aroma is close to being holy... Neroli divinity tagging alongside fruit baskets and hint of roses... then teleport yourself to a serene garden, lay there and breathe. You've arrived.

Continuing a new series of fragrances, -Vellum- follows Aguaviva's footsteps taking you into an idillic journey exploring the beauties of the Caribbean... it's silhouettes adorned by nature true to it's note pyramid.    

-Vellum- carries an old message trying to find it's course.

Until it finds you.


Fragrance Profile:

apple - neroli - bergamot - mandarin - pink pepper - rose - vetiver - musk - cedar - sea salt - spices - petitgrain -