(that fragrance with no name) Parfum Extract 1oz

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Purely feminine, but not subtle. The mixture between clean and dirty will suffocate you.

This fragrance feels sexy in every way, feels sexual in every way, feels alive in every way... it brushes the edges of being human in every way. Classy? maybe ! Daring? Perhaps... This creation in particular is not about the memory, is about the moment and that moment when you leave your mark embedded in his sheets he will understand that you can't be let go.

Think of it as the antidote.

This fragrance has no name because it doesn't need one, it will be whatever you want it to be.


Fragrance Profile:

patchouli - rose - sandalwood - musk - anise - violet - lilac - green apples - amber - sweet peach - cumin - bergamot - pink berries - styrax