coco & kiki - Parfum Extract 1oz (exclusive limited edition)

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Anecdotes and stories from childhood , moments in time, friendships and experiences... it's all part of the journey. I always believe in the power of memory and how it will guide us. This fragrance is the story of that essence , of being a kid navigating through life... this fragrance is inspired by Bunny and Rat, the real characters of this tale...

Is inspired by smiles and creativity, by baking cakes and playing soccer... is inspired by goldie curls, sleepovers; by unconditional love and support from two amazing and unique dads...

that love so deep, so unique, that even sometimes can ache.

Come join us and discover the world of coco & kiki. 


Milk chocolate and vanilla !!!

Doesn't that sounds scrumptious ? 

Fragrance Profile:

cacao - tonka bean - vanilla - bitter orange - whipped cream accord - lavender - bergamot - jasmine - licorice - caramel - cinnamon